Uncover the Secrets Beneath the Surface with Center for Visual Arts’ ENIGMA: Exploring the Unknown

By: Gaby Martinez

The mystery and secrets of the mansion are only going to get more enigmatic through ENIGMA: Exploring the Unknown, a series of career talks hosted by the Center for Visual Arts. According to Andrea Estrella, the event head of ENIGMA: Exploring the Unknown, the project aims to educate and inform students and young artists alike on the myriad of artistic careers and industries they may pursue in the near future, such as filmmaking, fashion design, and graphic design. Furthermore, the speakers for these topics are composed of SPCP alumni and outside resource speakers who are all considered young successful artists — enabling the audience members to relate and speak more comfortably with youthful speakers who are close to their age bracket.

ENIGMA: Exploring the Unknown hopes to provide participants and audience members with a much deeper perspective on the professional world of arts. With the future remaining a void of uncertain mysteries and undiscovered wonders, ENIGMA aims to be of guidance and inspiration for others in pursuit of their own individual artistic journey. Art remains a subject of debate and taboo amongst concerns revolving around work and labor; however, the Center for Visual Arts believes that each young artist has the right to pursue their talents in the arts and to turn their hobbies into successful monetized careers. All they need is a spark, an ignition to their dreams and goals as artists through ENIGMA: Exploring the Unknown, a three-day journey across the mysterious manor to take place on November 12, 19, and 26, 2021.

For more concrete updates regarding ENIGMA: Exploring the Unknown, feel free to check out the Center for Visual Arts’ Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/spcpvisualarts/?hl=en



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