The Beginning of the End: SPECTRUM 2023’s Talent and Variety Show


By: Nico Culala

As the train approaches its last few stops, St. Paul College Pasig’s Student Coordinating Team has two final events before the end of SPECTRUM 2023!

Wondrous: Destiny Convoys is SPECTRUM 2023’s Talent Fest and the first part of the closing program. From 4:30–6:00 PM, 4 Contestants: Sam Leander, Xerrah Gonzalez, Athena Lacap, and Mary Lacsina will compete in a showcase of talents with the opportunity of winning cash prizes!

The finale of SPECTRUM 2023 lies in BASK: The New Dawn Awaits from 6:00–9:00 transports you into a melodic world of different bands and performances, each better than the last!




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