That’s a wrap! We’ve reached the end of SPECTRUM

3 min readMar 2, 2024


By: Bianca Catane


SPECTRUM 2024 truly made due on its promise to have students “traverse the seasons in pursuit of endless dreams,” as St. Paul College Pasig was brought to life by the 6-day event that seized the hearts of many, during the month of January.

The school grounds had never been more lively since the moment the SPECTRUM Opening Program, “VIRIDESCENCE: Awaken the Season,” came to open the gates of opportunity for people to explore the various rides, booths, and stalls that covered the campus grounds from January 22–27, 2024.

Paulinians had the chance to enjoy the different kinds of fun and exciting activities, with rides such as the Octopus, Caterpillar, Vikings, Velocity Swing, and Ferris Wheel. Not to mention the various assortment of mini-games that students could try out in hopes of winning a prize.

Those who find themselves exploring the more hidden areas of the school could also take part in the various batch booths that have been set up for their enjoyment. There were several they could choose from such as the movie booths set up along the Grade School corridors.

Aside from that, special booths prepared by each batch within the High School Department, was also a source of fun, relaxation, and amusement, such as the bracelet-making booth set up by the Neophytes, a movie and board game booth managed by the Rookies, the annual jail booth being handled by the Freshmen, a friendship booth led by the Sophomores, the iconic horror booth organized by this year’s batch of Juniors, and an escape room coordinated by the Seniors. Each level placed their best efforts into administering their own unique batch booths to be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

In times where you just hoped for a moment of respite from all the excitement, students could always explore the many food stalls scattered along the campus for a snack or a meal to keep them full of energy. Additionally, in the Grade School Building, people would find stalls selling an assortment of clothes, toys, merchandise, accessories or more to bring home as a souvenir.

No doubt however, that the highlight of this year’s SPECTRUM were the various GIFT Talent Fests that took place each day. Students, teachers, and outsiders alike, were invited to watch the many performances organized by the different GIFT Centers:

  • The Center for Teatro Paulino’s “Grimm’s Living Arts Museum” and Main Play entitled, “I Saw Iris” which took place on Tuesday, January 23, 2024;
  • The Center for Dance’s Talent Fest “ODYSSEY: Symphony of Elements” which took place on Wednesday, January 24, 2024;
  • The Center for Visual Arts’ Fashion Show, “VICIOUS: Where Beauty Sets Aflame”, and the second showing of “Grimm’s Living Art’s Museum” which took place on Thursday, January 25, 2024;
  • The Center for Communication Art’s Talent Fest, “LIKHA: Ang Sinag ng Komunikasyon” which took place from January 23–25, 2024; and
  • The Center for Music’s Talent Fest, “ENSEMBLE 2024: Seize Your Moment” which took place on Friday, January 26, 2024

The SPCP Fair, SPECTRUM 2024 was then brought to a close on Saturday, January 27, with its closing program and variety show, “CORUSCATE: The Season’s Finale in Brilliance,” setting the audience’s blood on fire one last time with performances from Paulinan bands such as Vermillion, Hermosa, and Aster, as well as invited performers Paolo Sandejas and Rob Deniel to bring the event to a close.

This year was truly filled with a broad spectrum of activities to choose from, to help bring justice to an event that is highly-anticipated every year. From traversing one’s closets in order to find an outfit that will match the seasonal aesthetic of that day, to traversing the school grounds and deciding what activities to take part in first–SPECTRUM 2024 was truly like no other that came before it.

This year’s celebration of the SPCP school fair brought smiles to the faces of all those who joined, and the production team who helped arrange it, should be proud of all they have accomplished. With every season came a new joy to accompany it, and we will look back at this event fondly as we take one step closer to the end of the school year 2023–2024.




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