STEM Solace: An Ode to The Special Needs

By: Gab Martinez

On March 11, 2022, the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics senior high track hosted its annual fundraising concert. This year, the event was entitled “SOLACE: A Gift Among the Stars,” which featured a spectacle of performances both from performers in and outside the school, such as SPCP’s Terpsichore Jazz, batch 2021 chorale alumnae Raissa & Ally, indie band Anacreous, musical act Kuiper, and more.

Donations for the event were gathered through the selling of SOLACE merchandise. The online bazaar opened pre-orders for scented candles, crocheted scrunchies, beaded necklaces, masked lanyards, and shirts. Moreover, SOLACE recently closed their acceptance of monetary donations, which, together with the funds raised through merchandise selling, were all donated to a beneficiary entitled One Life Foundation. The chosen beneficiary is a non-stock and non-profit organization founded by Dra. Benjamina Pereyra. It ultimately aims to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and comorbidities by providing them with the necessary means of education through a safe environment.

True to its cause of advocating for those with special needs, SOLACE: A Gift Among the Stars, headed by Abigail Wong and Jessha Dulay, is the event we all need to see in the present day as the fight against ableism and marginalization of disabled individuals continues to persist in present society. May SOLACE: A Gift Among the Stars serve as a testament to how we can all shine as bright as the stars in the night sky even if restricted to any condition or ailment.



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