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Reimagining the Colors of the Past with CFD’s “IRIDESCENCE 2023: Shining Through Colors”

by: Gab Martinez

A stroll down memory lane and the rhythms of each era, the SPCP Center for Dance presented us with IRIDESCENCE 2023: Shining Through Colors, the annual talent festival of the CFD, now back onsite in its 17th year. After three years in the pandemic and two online talent festivals, the much-anticipated event was held last April 19, 2023, at the Bishop Frederick Rooker (BFR) Auditorium with a staggering amount of audience members consisting of students and outsiders alike. Iridescence was made as an effort to celebrate the artistry of dance and to showcase the culmination of all the hard work of the Center for Dance students for the School Year 2022 to 2023.

The program was halved into two, consisting of a pre-show and a main show. Performers including that of the competition team of SPCP Terpsichore Street and alumni members, as well as outside dance performances from Fuego, LSGH Airforce, and inDAK, all graced the stage in the pre-show portion of the program. Soon afterward followed the main show proper with much anticipation for the performances of the Center for Dance Students. From DS7 to DS12, alongside the two dance varsity teams, Terpsichore Street and Terpsichore Jazz.

Each dance class had assigned class colors and represented an era of music and of dance from the 1940s up until the 2000s. The auditorium roared with applause as audience members praised the performers for the lovely choreographies and classics such as Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, Toxic by Britney Spears, Material Girl by Madonna, and many more. A seniors tribute performance took place, followed by the final curtain call as the performers, core officers, and instructors all took a final bow for their efforts in the last few months in order to make the event a success.

Led by Shasa Escasa, CFD President, and the rest of the core officers, Iridescence 2023 was a massive success, with production team members, performers, and instructors seeing the fruit of their hard work blossom into a spectacle that captures the eyes of many through the colorful showcase of the decades of time. For dance is an art that captures the movement of the soul. Congratulations once again to the Center for Dance S.Y. 2022–2023 for a successful talent festival that allowed each and everyone to shine in their own colors!

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