PEP RALLY 2023: Setting the Crowd Alight

3 min readSep 2, 2023


By: Bianca Catane


In a horde of screams and cheers, the SPCP Center for Sports brings their event to a grand close, as the stream of athletes and students that filled the SPACE, moved to celebrate the success of the 2023 Pep Rally, “SONDER: A Fiery Spirit Among the Stars.”

On August 29, St. Paul College Pasig hosted their annual Pep Rally event for the year 2023. Students started rolling into the SPACE at the sound of the SPCP Drumline, as the program was beginning to commence at 12:45 PM that day.

Once the final beat hit the drums, the audience lit up as Ashley Mortega, PV Quintos, and Audz Imbao came to dominate the stage with their lively performance singing, “Say it loud, say it proud St. Paul!”

CFS P.R.O. Internal Bettina Boquiren, took the mic and led the students in opening prayer. After the prayer, the members of the SPCP Chorale Varsity came and took the stage to sing the Philippine National Anthem. When the song ended, the crowd prepared to welcome the emcees, Ms. Esmaya and Ms. Jose, who entered while calling out, “MAKE SOME NOISE SPCP!”

Among the floods of cheers and screams, the emcees announced the first performer of the day–the SPCP Chorale Varsity who took to the stage once again for their performance, while being led by their President, Anna Obregon.

Once their performance had concluded, CFS Sports Coordinator Ms. Mercullo entered to deliver her opening remarks to the students. Anticipation filled the crowd as the emcees called for the cheers of each batch before finally announcing the entrance of our varsity teams. All 19 teams performed proudly to the students of SPCP:

  • Arnis Varsity led by Team Captain Stacey Joson
  • Taekwondo Varsity led by Team Captain Alexis Mactal
  • Terpsichore Jazz led by Team Captain Yasha Gonzales
  • Gymnastics Varsity led by Team Captain Margaux Lorenzo
  • Karatedo Varsity led by Team Captain Max Veguillas
  • Terpsichore Street led by Team Captain Catiana Ferrer
  • PEP Varsity led by Team Captain Carmela Balburias
  • Lawn Tennis Varsity led by Team Captain Yra Malubag
  • Fencing Varsity led by Team Captain Billie Ching
  • Swimming Varsity led by Team Captain Charlie Bustos
  • Football Varsity led by Team Captain Anika Quirolgico
  • Softball Varsity led by Team Captain Hailey Oliva
  • Track & Field Varsity led by Team Captain Annika Roque
  • Badminton Varsity led by Team Captain Louise Sese
  • Chess Varsity led by Team Captain Adreinna Quitoriano
  • Debate Varsity led by Team Captain Gabriella Villarama
  • Basketball Varsity led by Team Captain Cheska Galauran
  • Table Tennis Varsity led by Team Captain Iza Rilloraza
  • Volleyball Varsity led by Team Captain Eisha Gatchalian

Each team led a performance just as great as the last, and kept the crowd on the edge of their seats until the end. However, just like all programs, all must come to an end. After the performance of the last varsity team, CFS GIFT Team Leader Ms. Pante came to deliver the closing remarks.

After the closing remarks, students looked back at the best moments from this year’s pep rally as they watched the Same Day Edit that had been flashed on the screen.

The program now approached its conclusion as the Center for Sports initiated their new tradition to be guided by CFS P.R.O. External Miel Santiago — a tradition now referred to as the “Mark of Synergy.”

“This seal, symbolizing the colors of gold and green, is associated with the qualities of excellence, achievement, and prestige, while linked to growth, harmony, and development. As we wear this mark, let it remind us that every step taken, every moment made, and every bit of effort, adds up to the melody of our achievements.”

The athletes proudly painted their cheeks with the colors of green and gold as they began to raise their right hands in the air to deliver the Oath of Sportsmanship, to be led by the SCT GIFT Representative, Ashley Mortega.

In the end, this year’s 2023 Pep Rally came to a bittersweet end with the closing prayer delivered by CFS Treasurer Sasha Dy. See you again next year, Paulinians!




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