Intensifying the Enchantment Within: Reliving the Magic of SPECTRUM 2023

2 min readFeb 2, 2023

By: Juliana San Pedro

The run of Spectrum 2023: Intensifying the Enchantment Within has come to a conclusion, but will go down into the history books. Jump aboard the train as we go for a trip down memory lane and reminisce on Spectrum 2023!

The annual St. Paul College Pasig (SPCP) fair was one of the large-scale onsite events to fall victim to COVID-19. The event, entitled “Spectrum 2023: Intensifying the Enchantment Within”, for the first time since 2019, finally made its long-awaited return to the SPCP community last January 26–27, 2023, bringing with it a host of novel activities and gimmicks.

The opening program, NIMBUS: The Pretense of Reality, which launched off Spectrum 2023, had multiple acts from various performers. In keeping with the fair’s “Everyday Magic” theme for this year, the program featured mystical performances by groups including Terpsichore Jazz, Aster, Catharsis, and the Fair Production Team.

Each batch from both the highschool and gradeschool departments had exhibited their booths on both days, and all of them had been well received by the SPCP Community. The Giftedness Instruction for Talent (GIFT) Centers also featured booths and activities, as did Spectrum with the merchandise booth, which sold more than ever before in pre-orders.

Day 2 of Spectrum 2023 was jam-packed with exciting activities. The day kicked off with a dog show and wound off with a closing program– consisting of the pre-event, talent, and variety shows.

GIFT Center of Dance flash mob and acrobatics were the highlights of the pre-event spectacle. It was then followed by a talent show, where the contestants’ singing was particularly remarkable. Athena Lacap finished first, Mary Lacsina took second place and was the crowd favorite, and Xerrah Gonzales came in third. And to bring a curtain down on Spectrum, a variety show including Hey June! and The Ridleys ensued.




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