HUMSS CONGRESS 2024: Journey into the Uncharted Realms of Humanity

3 min readMay 21, 2024


By: Angela Castro


As the train approaches its final destination, the Grade 12 HUMSS students await not only the Paulinian community, but HUMSS students from different schools to introduce the fascinating connection between humans and technology, with this year’s HUMSS Congress event; “DIVERGE: Redefine the Status Quo” held last April 16, 2024.

This year’s HUMSS Congress event, “DIVERGE: Redefine the Status Quo”, highlighted the dynamic to alter existing situations or prevailing conditions to introduce new ideas, approaches, or perspectives that can challenge conventional norms or expectations, hence diverging from the status quo.

Furthermore, this event’s purpose is to diverge on topics that are rarely explored. “Diverge” invites us to stray from the beaten path of conventional discourse on social issues, urging us to explore the complexities lurking beyond the surface.

The theme of diverge is specifically about diverging from conventional discussions of social issues so that we can learn something more complex. I wanted this year’s HUMSS Congress to be substantial and to have topics that we don’t always think about,” Gabriella Villarama, HUMSS Track Representative, stated when interviewed about her intentions for this year’s HUMSS Congress.

The program begins with a talk about feminism in the Global South with the invited speaker, Atty. Maria Luisa Dominique D. Mauricio, as she examined how the unique social, economic, and political issues present in the Global South intersect with and shape the identity and experiences of women.

Dr. Benito L. Teehankee, the second speaker, focused on the topic of AI’s implication to the Humanities. He took his time to explain and convey a message of the role of artificial intelligence in humanities and discuss how its integration can affect our everyday practices and interactions.

Finally, the third and last speaker, Atty. Alfredo B. Molo III addressed the current political climate of the Philippines. The colonial past of the Philippines has led to its vulnerable condition and its predisposition to corruption and foreign influence. Thus, Atty. Alfredo discussed the current political climate of the Philippines, particularly its state surrounding democracy and sovereignty through matters like constitutional reform and independence from foreign powers.

As the plenary session of the program concludes, the HUMSS students arranged a showcase for its audience, to highlight the various works and unique organizations associated with their strand, presented through a Live Gallery.

  • HerStory: ABRIDGED: This year’s event, titled “HerStory: UNSPOKEN,” but renamed “HerStory: ABRIDGED” for this special occasion, aimed to shed light on overlooked narratives of empowering women.
  • Spoken Word Poetry: In this part of the gallery, students from the Grade 12 HUMSS performed live prose and poetry which they had written in their Creative Writing class, showing off the literary skills they have learned over the year.
  • Demo Debate: During this event, students from the HUMSS strand and the school’s debate team showcased a live debate, offering a demonstration of a modified British Parliamentary-format debate. The topics discussed aligned with themes from the humanities and social sciences.
  • A&D Gallery & Exhibition: In this exhibit, the A&D students showcased pieces they found captivating, performing with their own unique flair. Whether playing instruments, singing songs, or dancing, they expressed themselves freely, sharing their inspirations with others. Visitors were invited to explore each student’s artwork in the exhibit, experiencing their creativity firsthand.

Beyond mere showcases of artistic excellence, the live gallery captures the beauty of different creative backgrounds anyone can pursue. This live gallery serves as an inspiration and an opportunity to diverge into different pursues and go beyond expectations. Moreover, its purpose is to branch on further paths one can achieve and to show the essence and beauty one can pursue by showing the works of the Grade 12 students, and how they further developed their skills and abilities.

DIVERGE: Redefine the Status Quo” encapsulated the dynamic spirit of HUMSS education. As the train of thought approaches its final destination, it left behind an indelible mark on the Paulinian community and beyond, inspiring individuals to challenge the status quo, embrace diversity, and strive for positive change in their communities and the world at large.




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