Fashion as Revolution: Set a Fire to Beauty

2 min readMar 2, 2024

By: Rianna Estacio


As an array of outlandish garments, vivid colors, and wild textures strutted down the runway, the Paulinian community became witness last January 25, 2024 to the empowering statement that the Center for Visual Arts (CFVA) exhibited through their Fashion Show entitled, “Vicious: Where Beauty Sets Aflame.”

Held at the St. Paul Activity Center for Excellence, 15 students from the Fashion Design Class of 2024 showcased their masterful line of diverse pieces ranging from structured to flowy, feminine to masculine, and elegant to punk; balancing the theme’s harshness with soft beauty.

The featured designers were Patrice Arabit, Samantha Cayton, Jada Cortez, Theresa Flores, Lian Garrovillas, Guiliana Gaspi, Noella Luna, Raven Oblea, Yulla Ocampo, Atasha Pamotillo, Ariane Perez, Penelope Popple, Angela Ramos, Mikayla Ricafort, Mikaela Rubio, Elise Tabios, and Layna Tomista.

Even with its variety, the garments all tied together in paying a wonderful homage to the film Cruella (2021) with clear influences from Vivienne Westwood and other renowned designers of the punk movement.

To add to its theme, musical performers such as Melomanic, Aplianim, and Beginning at 17 performed a set list filled with punk rock music while the models walked to showcase their pieces. In contrast, the Paulinian Chamber Orchestra with its vocalist Ashley Mortega, and dancer Andee Mineses, graced the audience with alluring numbers.

From pre-production to the execution of the event, VICIOUS was dedicated to making a statement of going against conventional standards of beauty in the name of self-expression. CFVA artfully delivers their message that there is grace in imperfection and chaos; proving that reinventing and daring boldly — is the future.




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