ENSEMBLE 2024: A Heartfelt Homage to Music

3 min readMar 2, 2024


By: Mischa Suarez


In every beat of my proud Corazon, the Center for Music’s annual talent fest entitled “Ensemble: Seize Your Moment,” with its theme of the Disney movie “Coco,” embodied the center’s passion for music from every beat of their instruments to every note sung, the Center for Music concluded their talent fest with mesmerizing performances rooted on their shared love for music.

From the captivating opening prayer sung by Purple Quintos and Adrianna Dueñas, that left the audience expecting for more remarkable talents and surprising performances. We could say, from that first opening of the curtain, that it was truly a “celebration of the vibrant musical community within our school”, quoted from the opening remarks given by CFM-I President Jhudiel De Jesus. Following the President’s remarks, the Ensemble 2024 Jingle Team performed their rendition of Ensemble’s Jingle.

The program resumed with the performances of the different Center for Music classes following the program storyline on the journey of Mahi (Emcee Denise Demetillio) and the enigmatic Iluna (Emcee Rixie Jabonete) as they transverse through musical performance after another, whilst realizing that Mahi is in the afterlife and Iluna is a personification of her long lost love for music. Aside from the performances from the talented Center for Music students themselves, the engaging program storyline was a significant highlight of the event. The emcees Deni Demetillio and Rixie Jabonete delivered an impactful performance with a sentimental conclusion to Mahi’s story.

The Center for Music classes and the pieces performed are as follows:

  • The Paulinian Chamber Orchestra — “Symphony G” and “Twinkle Twinkle Variation”
  • Percussion — Drumline segment and “Raining in Manila”
  • Piano Beginners — “Beauty and the Beast” & “Musette”
  • Chorale 1 — “Touch the Sky” & “Part of Your World”
  • Vox Paul — “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” & “Vuelie — Frozen I”
  • Guitar 1 — “I’ll Be There For You” & “Estranghero”
  • Guitar 2 — “Perfect Pair” & “Rises the Moon”
  • Chorale 2 — “Make it With You” & “What Else Can I Do?”
  • SPCP Chorale — “Alleluia”, “Better World”, “True Colors”
  • Piano Inter-Advanced — “Be Our Guest”
  • CFM Seniors — “Alapaap”

The selected pieces for this year’s Ensemble are a mix of childhood favorites, predominantly Disney pieces, and modern pop culture favorites, immersing the listeners through a nostalgic journey from favorites new and old. After the Senior’s final performance of Alapaap by Eraserheads, the Center for Music — Chorale President Samantha Ang-Angco concluded the program with her heartfelt closing remarks reinstating the significance of the love and passion each performer carries for the music unique to their center. After the President’s remarks, Audrey Imbao and Red Sac lead the closing prayer to formally end the event.

“When you’re on stage, and your heart is beating fast, it simply means you’re in love,” were the words of CFM-C President Samantha Ang-Angco. Ensemble 2024 was truly a proof of Paulinians love for music. The bonds formed between the members of the center, the joy found in performing, and the love for music shared by the center that bears the name of music is certainly an experience that the student body will remember.




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