Dare to Know the Beauty of the Arts Through Kalopsia: Sapere Aude

2 min readNov 3, 2023

By Gabriella Villarama

Through its uncanny feeling of home and fright, the eighth Kalopsia spoken word and music event, KALOPSIA: Sapere Aude (meaning “dare to know”), was unveiled last October 27, 2023, at the Pere Chauvet Hall of St. Paul College Pasig.

The Center for Communication Arts’ most notable annual event begins by taking you on a journey from its thematic video teaser series to the dramatic spiels of the hosts. Similar to past Kalopsia events, the project was based on dark themes. The event draws heavy inspiration from the film Coraline, so specific storylines like eeriness and deception are evident.

This year, the Center for Communication Arts collaborated with the Center for Culinary Arts to sell themed food in the venue, such as “tunnel swirl” drinks and cupcakes and button-designed cookies akin to the movie Coraline.

Paulinian performers took to the stage once more to showcase their poetic and musical talent. Kalopsia featured spoken word artists Sam Sulit, Angela Salvacion, Ali Tibay, and the duo Love-Me-Nots. Contemporary dancers “The Button-Eyed” graced the venue with their piece. The audience then enjoyed the musical performances of the Paulinian Chamber Orchestra, Casalium, and ended the night with guest performer Jed Baruelo, best known for his song “Nahuhulog.”

“I hope that the future of Kalopsia continues to encourage, empower, and embolden others to use their words, actions, lyrics, and the power of communication to the brim,” Sitti Munsod, President of the Center for Communication Arts and Kalopsia Overall Head, explains. “[T]he differing realms and forms of communication are endless, but it is what we choose to do and what to say with these skills that serves most importance.”

Kalopsia is one of the sole opportunities for Paulinians to showcase their literary and performing skills together, and it emphasizes the uniqueness of the spoken word medium by adapting poetry slam customs like snapping instead of clapping and having an intimate venue. KALOPSIA: Sapere Aude will be another reminder of why the Paulinian audience must dare to know: to appreciate the captivating talents of our community.




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