Dance along to summer nostalgia with FIST PUMP 6°: Beat the Heat

by Andie Dalusung

Step back into the fun days and vibrant tunes of the past summers with the Center for Dance (CFD) and Center for Sports (CFS)’s FIST PUMP 6°: Beat the Heat on November 15–16, 2021. The 40-minute Zumba sessions through Zoom will be from 3:30–5:00 PM for CFD and CFS students, instructors, as well as school administrators and personnel interested in participating. The Facebook Livestream of the event at 3:45–4:35 PM is open for non-CFD and non-CFS students who wish to join.

In line with Spirit Week, the annually invigorating Zumba session of FIST PUMP strives to boost school spirit, benefit the participants’ health, and simultaneously encourage the SPCP community to live healthier lifestyles, especially now that everyone remains at home. On its sixth run, FIST PUMP embodies a summertime theme that reminisces summer vacations by the beach or pool. The chosen theme intends to bring back the nostalgia and joys of summers before the pandemic. Influenced by dance trends like those on TikTok that were participated in over the summers, the song choices align with the event’s theme. SPCP alumnae and former Terpsichore Street members Jullien Velasco and Bea Balaoro will serve as Zumba instructors for the 2-day event.

Before heading over to Fist Pump Island, make a few stops at the official accounts for more updates and details on the event: CFD’s official Twitter: @SPCPDance, CFS’s official Twitter: @SPCPSports, and the HS GIFT Facebook Page:



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