CFD: SPOTLIGHT — Witnessing The Greatest Show Through Dance

by: Gaby Martinez

The SPCP Center for Dance’s annual dance workshop entitled SPOTLIGHT recently concluded in the last month of December 2021, with guest alumnae of the dance varsity teams Terpsichore Street and Terpsichore Jazz serving as dance instructors for interested students and faculty alike. SPOTLIGHT: Dance Workshop provided the Paulinian community and outsiders with the opportunity to garner new skills and techniques from the invited SPCP graduates.

According to Sophia Javier, CFD treasurer and overall project head, the event was said to have also been created in order to serve as a drive for passionate individuals who are eager to learn the art of performing as well as those who wish to further improve their skills in the art of dance. The project, with the theme inspired by The Greatest Showman, was indeed a show-stopper as former Terpsichore Street team captain Ella Bolinao showcased a mesmerizing dance to the song Red Right Love, while former Terpsichore Jazz member Keisha Allenby choreographed a dance to the musical piece From Now On, one of the more prominent soundtracks from the film.

The lessons gained by the attendees of the short yet insightful workshop all culminated in self-filmed performances that are displayed for viewing on the CFD SPOTLIGHT highlight under the Center for Dance’s official Instagram account (@spcpdance). Despite the distance brought by the online set-up, this initiative from the Center for Dance allowed students to take on fresh opportunities alongside alumni who demonstrated their talent and creativity. By the end of the project, the participants were able to broaden their knowledge of various genres and have become much more equipped and confident with their God-given talent of dance.



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