ABM BAZAAR 2024: Innovation Brought to Life

3 min readMay 8, 2024


By: Milo Enriquez

CATALYST: Empower Your Vision

From flavorful snacks to stylish apparel, the annual ABM Bazaar held last April 6–7, 2024, left students and mall-goers alike delighted as they witnessed what the Grade 12 Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) students had to offer. “CATALYST: Empower Your Vision’’ challenged these aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation, creativity, and marketing skills in a real-life selling environment, preparing them for what may lie ahead in their futures.

As the ribbon was cut to commence the bazaar’s first day, ABM 12’s persistent efforts proved to be worth it as the booths were filled with lines of eager customers looking to support each of the nine promising businesses. The turnout was so vast, in fact, that most, if not all the business owners interviewed from each respective business, expressed surprise at the attendance of the event so early in the selling period, some even noting that the attendance was an immense improvement from the previous year’s bazaar.

The various businesses had found a way to prosper and fare well amongst each other in their own ways, either through witty marketing gimmicks, an eclectic variety, or enticing bundles and discounted deals.

  • Wonder Waffle thrived under a business model that offered both total customization and pre-prepared combos, which welcomed a diverse variety of customers looking for all sorts of flavors while also providing a “safety net” for the more indecisive.
  • Fizz & Chips, had the promise of quality in both their fries and floats, with classic flavors that appealed to what students already enjoyed while still being distinct enough in a way that left them coming back for more
  • Businesses like Cool’to and Halohaven were made to succeed as businesses in this climate — both businesses offered up sweet, cold treats that helped combat the summer heat, yet both still had unique ways to stay true to that business model in ways that allowed for both to prosper.
  • Cup ‘N Crunch’s ingenuity welcomed a certain audience of customers willing to give new, out-of-the-box products a shot, and with that came success.
  • Sunkissed prospered from their product’s serving size and the price they were sold at, leaving customers satisfied with their purchase and wanting more.
  • Businesses PUFFED, Alala, and Woven&Worn all fell under the same market, despite the difference in concept — the products flourished with their sheer versatility, diversity, and style.

Needless to say, CATALYST exceeded any and all expectations before the event had even made its way on campus last April 12, 2024 — which in itself was just as, or perhaps even more so, successful. Of course, the bazaar wouldn’t have even been made possible if not for the continuous support from not just the students, but from the administration and all those behind the operations side of making this event happen, notably: Miss Joyce Alejandro (Senior High School Coordinator), Miss Huey Salvador (Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Robinsons Land), and Kaya Gamboa (ABM 12 Track Rep).

Furthermore, many business owners also attributed the success of the bazaar to the performers present at the two-day event who piqued the curiosity of mall-goers and enticed them into checking out the venue in the first place. These performers included: Beginning at 17, Cinque, and Sam Sulit for day one, and Angela Salvacion, Aplianim, and Anarah for day two.

“[…] as Track Rep, seeing everybody work really hard […], and not be so drained even though we’ve been up for so long, it’s such a really nice feeling that everybody is in this together, and that we’re all here to make sure this bazaar goes how we want it to,” Gamboa voiced as the day came to an end, watching as the culmination of months long work came to fruition before us.

CATALYST: Empower Your Vision was, at its heart, about following your dreams and watching them come true. As the bazaar came to its fruitful end on April 12, 2024, at the HS Tent, it was clear that every business owner had done just that. Whether it had been through food or clothing, each business had prospered in their own ways — and just as the hopes of Batch 2024’s ABM students had been fulfilled, we can only hope that this annual tradition continues, that we continue to shine a light on new batches of dream waiting to come true.




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