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On July 25, 2016, Duterte delivered his first State of the Nation Address. It was clear from the beginning that his SONAs would be unlike any other that the Philippines had seen before. With each one, he ushered in an unprecedented era of Philippine politics, one where violence is accepted as an ideal answer to criminality, and vulgarity is lauded as a demonstration of relatability.

His presidency has shaped the Philippines today in more ways than one, and his State of the Nation Addresses have been a clear representation of his journey from his inauguration to the final…

By Alexandra Ypil

The Grade 11 Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) students of SPCP worked together to bring a new wave of change with their recently concluded event, Project Alon, last May 2021. It was mainly organized by HUMSS students along with other Paulinian volunteers to raise funds for the residents of General Natividad, Nueva Ecija. The initiative’s name was based on the Filipino word “alon” to put emphasis on the individual’s ability to rise above adversity and inspire others to do so as well.

Project Alon featured a variety of activities to supplement the fundraiser. The first was an…

by Alexandra Ypil

The Music Appreciation Club-Instrumentalists (MAC-I) culminated their organization’s 10th anniversary event entitled MAC-I Week. The week-long celebration was held from April 26 to May 1 on their official Facebook page. It aimed to showcase MAC-I’s projects and talents throughout the years especially towards aspiring Paulinian instrumentalists who are interested in joining the organization.

MAC-I Week featured social media campaigns about the organization including MAC-I’s history and notable events such CINCO, an annual interbatch competition initiated by MAC-I, and Open Jam, a school-wide event hosted by MAC-I in collaboration with CFM-I. The highlighted event was a throwback cover…

by Alexandra Ypil

Paulinian musicians showcased their talents and craft in the Paulinian Chamber Orchestra’s (PCO) first ever concert, E-ridiscence. The event was hosted online live on the SPCP HS Gift FB page on April 23with the theme of 2000s time travel. Aside from exhibiting their own work, the performers hoped to bring comfort to the student body during the quarantine by bringing back a sense of nostalgia from the 2000s with songs popular from that era.

The program started off with an opening rendition of the popular Avenger’s Theme by the PCO. It then enjoyed a series of performances…

by Gaby Martinez

The recently concluded Center for Dance (CFD) Talent Fest 2021 entitled AL1A5: Codes Aligned, was one that not only showcased the abilities and talents of those under the Center for Dance, but it was also a special event that commemorated the fifteenth anniversary of the GIFT center and will be known as the first virtual CFD talent fest hosted in an online environment. ALIA5 was live-streamed on the YouTube platform on April 24, 2021, and was streamed by the Paulinian community and outsiders alike.

True to its name, AL1A5: Codes Aligned had a spy theme, with all…

by Laurein Marielle R. Mateo

The GIFT Center for Visual Arts (CFVA) embarked on a mission to reveal the ideas concealed within one’s imagination in VAWeek held on April 12–19, 2021. With the theme “ASTERIA: Uncovering the Brightness Within,” CFVA highlighted the importance of dreaming to an artist’s ability to create vivid and meaningful pieces. Various projects throughout the week, which were conducted on social media platforms, showcased the brilliance of their artists and provided opportunities for them to enrich their knowledge and abilities.

​For this year’s online VAWeek, CFVA launched two new projects directed at emphasizing students’ development and…

by Marnee Mascareñas

This blast to the past is surely not to be missed. Join the Paulinian Chamber Orchestra as they relive the early 2000’s and experience a myriad of memories on April 23, 2021 at 5 PM with E-RIDESCENCE, to be live-streamed on the HS GIFT Facebook Page.

Following the orchestra’s tradition of holding live concerts entitled “Iridescence” every year to flaunt talented Paulinian musicians and instrumentalists who are members of the orchestra, the organization adapted to the current online set-up, thus introducing “E-RIDESCENCE,” their first online concert. …

by Tiffany Cosue

As the school year draws to a close, the Center for Sports core officers organized their talent fest to showcase the skills their athletes acquired throughout the year. This year’s talent fest incorporated the theme of Haikyuu! — a popular sports anime that revolves around Hinata Shoyo, an aspiring volleyball player. The online set-up made use of this theme wisely through the transitions, background music, and script. The event was open for all Paulinians to watch via the center’s official YouTube channel which was live on April 16, 2021. The audience was entertained by a series of…

by Gaby Martinez

Missed out on the annual visual arts week last school year? Fear not as you may once again seek out the cosmos and the stars with the Center of Visual Arts as they kickstart ASTERIA: Uncovering the Brightness Within from April 12 to April 18, 2021 — a week filled with visual festivities from merchandise selling to insightful talks.

Unlike past visual arts weeks hosted inside the school, ASTERIA will be celebrated in the comfort of the student’s home according to quarantine guidelines and safety protocols. However, one may still explore space and its heavenly bodies despite…

by Alexandra Ypil

The Center for Communication Arts (CommArts) hosted its first ever ComMonth 2021 for the month of March. It was conceptualized to combine two of CommArts major events: The Media Summit, which is CommArts’ annual seminar, and Literacy Week, a new project proposed to launch this year. The three-week seminar aimed to enrich the student body’s knowledge about communication skills through various plenary talks and breakout sessions.

ComMonth invited different speakers who offered valuable insights about media and literacy. The first day was introduced by Ms. Elise Sunga who spoke about the media and its strong influence on…


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